124 Day-Defining Success

Salon 124 LogoEvery eight weeks Keune Academy by 124 hosts 124 Days to bridge the gap between being a cosmetology student and a salon professional.  It is an opportunity for managers and stylists from The 124 Group’s salon locations to teach the senior students. 124 Days offers a chance for students to get a better understanding of how The 124 Group operates through open forums with various home office employees like the Human Resources Director, Director of Marketing, and even The 124 Group President/CEO, Brian Perdue. This gives the students an in depth understanding of what they can expect when transitioning from hair school to a salon. It also provides invaluable inspiration from others in the industry.

The most recent 124 Day hosted Dawn Berkhan, manager at Genesis by 124 Loganville. Her class was centered on what success means to each individual and how to achieve success far beyond doing great hair. Natalie Ivie, stylist and mentor at Genesis by 124 Loganville, also joined the class to share her insight as well as her story that first began as a student at 124’s former hair school, The Process Institute of Cosmetology. Dawn has been with The 124 Group for 13 years and has always had a passion for helping new stylists set goals and build their business.

Success has no limits. Success is something that must be defined and measured by an individual. Often times one defines success by how much money they earn or status at work. Here are some of the answers the seniors at Keune Academy by 124 gave when asked what success means to them.

  • Stability
  • Happiness
  • Respect
  • Finding your calling in your life
  • Loving your job
  • Doing the same thing 10 years from now

Regardless of your career path or the industry you choose, success is something we all strive to achieve. How do you define success? Or more importantly, what are you doing to be sure you attain success?


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