14 Timeless Hairstyles to Try

There are many types of hairstyles that have withstood the test of time. The reason these classic styles are still around today is because they will look flattering on any girl. Also, they are easy to get and maintain by visiting your local Genesis or Salon 124 hair salon.

The Goddess Hairstyle


For those with long or should length hair, this is a great style for you. Having your hair layered with an angle cut with help give your face a beautiful frame. Adding curls will give it another dimension and also give the hair that old time Hollywood glamour look.

The New Retro Look


This is another hairstyle that will look great with longer hair. The frizzy curls, and a burgundy color, will keep this style fresh while giving a retro feel.

The Classic Girl Next Door


For another play on longer hair, the girl next door look is great. The soft curls help to give it that classic look and also keep the hair looking healthy.

The Natural Look


Embrace your natural curl and just be yourself with this look. The crazy, wild looking curls help to give this old time style a modern update.

Soft and Romantic


This style, combined with an impressive berry shade, keeps it fresh and classic. For a twist on it, curl the hair and pin it back to keep this style soft and romantic.

The Classic Pixie


This haircut can be seen allover Hollywood lately. Stars like Emma Watson and Ann Hathaway have been rocking this style on the red carpet. The pixie can be either super short or you can add a bit more length to it to help give it more body.

The Up Do


A classic up do is a must for any occasion. To do an up do just curl your hair. Then tease it at the crown and pull the hair back into a messy bun. This look is easy to do and is quite stunning.

Big Curls


Blow out the curls to add volume and style. By doing this the curls will still maintain that soft look, but will also hold a bit better. The curls will not be the same throughout the hair which helps to add character to this old time look.

Hollywood Starlet


An excellent side part helps to keep this look beautiful and will give this classic style a modern update. Curl the ends to give this style that extra va-voom.

Color Wonderful


Adding color will give your look that extra dimension. By curling all the hair, except for the bangs, it will add shape to your face and keep your look interesting.

Root to Tip Curls


The time that is involved for this look is worth every minute. Layers will help to maintain the curls and also will help it to lie properly.

Long and Lovely


A deep side with layered, long hair is gorgeous. Adding waves to this look will bring it up just a notch and help it maintain that old, glamorous style.

Layers, Layers, Layers


Keep you long hair looking fresh by adding layers. Keeping your layers long will help your hair to maintain a smooth look.

A Great Cut and Style


Hair is finicky and everyone’s head of hair is different. A healthy head of hair, with a great cut and style from a professional hair salon, is a must. Getting the right style for you face shape is so important. By adding curls at the bottom it will help keep your hair looking fresh and lively.

Stop by Salon 124 or Genesis hair salons to help you decide which one of these looks is right for you!

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