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Charity and love are the same — with charity you give love, so don’t just give money but reach out your hand instead. –Mother Teresa

As hairstylists we get to touch lives every day. The closeness created while a client sits in a stylist’s chair, both parties conversing through the mirror, would quite frankly be absolutely awkward in any other setting but at the salon. This is the closeness we as humans crave. Many stylists start their careers for various reasons. Whether they begin with a vision that includes impacting so many lives or not, they certainly end up valuing the relationships established through our craft. Clients initially visit hair salons to receive amazing hair services. After years of great hair appointments and hundreds of dollars spent, clients often realize they are not visiting the salon to simply get their hair done. The relationships established with a hair stylist often surpass any of the fabulous looks created in the chair. These relationships endure marriages and divorces, births and funerals and an array of other pivotal life events. But what about those that can’t book an appointment at their local hair salon?

At the 124 Group we make many charitable contributions to a variety of nonprofits, local schools and churches alike; but, like the great Mother Teresa said, charity is not just about giving money. If all we can offer to the world is a check, what good are we doing to change the world we live in? Recently a New York based stylist took the initiative to do his part to change the world one head of hair at a time. Mark Bustos walks the streets of various New York neighborhoods every Sunday searching for homeless people who would appreciate a good haircut and something to eat. Since his first retreat to the Philippines in 2012, his good deeds have inspired hundreds of people from various backgrounds to share his efforts through the hashtag #BeAwesomeToSomebody.

In our own efforts to #BeAwesomeToSomebody, stylists from our Genesis by 124 Hamilton Mill salon recently visited Eagle Ranch. The nonprofit located in Flowery Branch is dedicated to making life better for children and families going through crisis. The salon didn’t offer money, because Eagle Ranch didn’t ask, but what they did offer will last much longer than any monetary donation ever could. The stylists spent the day offering haircuts to the children and house parents of Eagle Ranch. Some of these individuals may never experience what so many of us take for granted ever 6-8 weeks. The one-on-one attention you receive while getting your hair done. The comradery established through a 45 minute hair appointment. The feeling you get after a fabulous blow dry. The confidence you have on your first day of school, regardless of what may be going on in your personal life. These stylists were able to leave a lasting impression on the clients they serviced, while receiving the ultimate gratitude through performing their passion.

What are you doing to #BeAwesomeToSomebody?

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