Benefits of a Positive Relationship With Your Hair Stylist

How does a long term relationship with your hair salon improve your hair style?

hair-salonAre you still looking for a hairstylist that you can trust? Do you move from one hair salon to the next looking for a stylist that will give you the results you see your friend or co-worker gets from their hair salons? Perhaps you need to take a look at how the hairstylist your friend has is able to produce such desirable results. It’s actually more than the differences in hair thickness, body, and hair care that improves a style. Hairstylist’s become more familiar with the way your hair responds over time. After several visits with a specific client, a stylist can predict what results they can get using one product over another and the best cutting method to help your hair type hold a style.  The more a stylist works with your hair, the better understanding they have of what works and what doesn’t work.  Talking to you about your hair helps a stylist gather information about what your preferences are and how to make a difference in the way your hair behaves.  Stop jumping from salon to salon and find a professional stylist that you can work with over time.

Why are professional relationships beneficial to your hairstyle?

  • Your stylist will improve the health, body and response of your hair over time
  • It takes time to observe how certain cutting methods and coloring techniques work for your hair
  • Stylists need to work with hair several times to understand what your preferences are and how to achieve maximum results
  • Interacting with you over time gives a stylist insight into your personal and professional styling needs
  • Having an established professional caring for your hair allows trust and a relaxing hair salon experience

Your hairstylist is truly not a therapist or counselor, but let’s face it, people get involved in intimate work situations like washing hair, cutting and styling close up and personal services because they care about people. It seems a natural pace to relax, a hub of social interaction where clients tend to talk about the latest news, weather and gossip. Part of the relaxation of getting your hair done is leaving the salon with a feeling of total relaxation and renewal. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. You will feel more benefits when you take part in the socialization surrounding you.

The benefits of loyalty to good hair salons with talented, caring hair stylists are many.

How do you maintain a good relationship with your hair stylist?

If your hairstylist already does the things listed below already, you have a winner. If your stylist isn’t as inquisitive about your preferences about your hair, you can begin the process of growing your professional relationship with these ideas:

  • Ask questions or offer ideas about your last style visit
  • Review what was done last and what your hair needs or will need in the future
  • Talk about the last cut, do you want the same, go shorter or longer in the future
  • Checking the condition of your hair, the season and environmental impact on your hair, suggest new products that might help your hair and styling
  • Suggest new hair styling ideas, techniques or treatments to update your look

Especially if your stylist has many clients, you wouldn’t expect him/her to remember everything about you and your hair. Unless you see your stylist jotting down important information about your hair treatments on your customer card, feel free to update your recent experiences about your hair. The most important information you can provide is if you are taking new medications, many care affect your hair chemistry. Also over-the-counter hair products you use at home can coat your hair with chemicals your stylist needs to know about before certain treatments like straightening, coloring or perms.

Loyalty between clients and hair care professionals have benefits for both sides. Stylists care work wonders with hair they know and when a regular client leaves the salon it is like and advertisement for the salon and that stylist. An informed stylist provides the best professional services and counts on regular appointments, and their tips as well.

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