Brains Behind Balayage: The Ultimate Guide



Craving a new style but scared of change? We’ve got you covered. We’re talking about BALAYAGE. You know, that funny sounding word that no one can pronounce (for the record, it’s bah-lee-AHZGE). It’s the latest hair trend taking the world, and all of our Pinterest boards, by storm. So, what is balayage? It’s a highlighting technique using a hand-painted sweeping motion to apply hair color, rather than traditional foiling. More simple than you thought, huh? Balayage grows out more natural than other highlighting methods and doesn’t leave a harsh regrowth line when your hair begins to grow out. The result? LESS MAINTENANCE.

Speaking of maintenance, how many days has it been since you washed your hair? Let’s get real— it’s been a day… or four. Luckily, balayage won’t emphasize those days of dirty hair. Dimension is painted on the ends of the hair and around the face, drawing attention to those areas rather than the roots. What’s one more day anyway? Along with extending the life of unwashed hair, balayage doesn’t require frequent visits to the salon for color touch-ups. The brains behind balayage originates in France (ohlala), and means to sweep; that’s just what balayage is, sweeping color onto the hair. Basically, it’s a technique performed to get an ombre’d look with little upkeep required to keep you looking good.

So why do you NEED balayage? The better question is— why don’t you? Celebrities like Jessica Biel, Drew Barrymore, and just about every Victoria’s Secret model on the runway consider balayage a staple in their look. Whether you’re aiming for a natural, more sun-kissed result, or trying to drastically lighten your super dark locks, balayage is the way to go. Channeling your inner Carrie Bradshaw? Sarah Jessica Parker rocks her subtle balayage all day, every day. Sarah’s dirty blonde locks are brilliantly painted with dimension complimenting her skin tone without drastically changing her look. Feeling bold? Pull a Khloe! How could we forget Khloe Kardashian’s dark-chocolatey locks that are now bright and blonde. How do you think she transitioned so seamlessly? That’s right—balayage. It’s the perfect solution when gradually going from dark to light. It allows a consistently beautiful effect at every stage, whether you’re going for a somewhat natural or more dramatic result. So now you know what all the excitement is about, and how to pronounce it (haha), go give it a try!

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