Cuts and Styles for Your Face Shape: Oval Face Shape

jennifer-anistonCONGRATULATE yourself if you have an oval face shape. You have landed the most versatile face shape—you can wear almost any hairstyle.

No matter the length of your hair, you will look best with layers. Place them near your cheekbones, lips, or chin. A perfect example is Jennifer Anniston’s cut. It looks amazing on an oval face. The long layers hit at the cheekbones and chin. The hair is longer in the back and shorter in the front, so it does not weigh down her face.

NOTE: If you are petite, you want to avoid super long hair in the front because you risk looking like a 10 year old.

The shag is always gorgeous—Julianne Hough rocks this look! It is fresh and modern. The cut gives off a choppy look—you can do this with styling products or like Julianne, she lets her natural, straight hair dry with a bit of a wave in it.

With an oval face shape, you can get away with going short—even pixie short. The singer, PINK, is a perfect example of having some cute short cuts. Her style always shows off her facial features. If you have a quirky or edgy personality, you can get away with a cool, short cut and color. Others with short styles are Halle Berry and Ginnifer Goodwin. Short styles do work best with thick, natural, wavy hair.

Bangs are “in” right now and someone with an oval face can definitely pull off all bang types—brow skimming bangs, side-swept bangs, long bangs, short bangs, heavy bangs, etc. The key to bangs is making sure they are NOT TOO short. The best are brow skimming. They should be a bit longer on the ends than in the middle.

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