Cuts and Styles for Your Face Shape: Round Face Shape

No matter what your face shape may be—round, oval, square, heart or long—there will be cuts that look BEST on you.


Round Face Shape: If you have a round face, the secret to a great style is to deflect the roundness of your face. Long hair is gorgeous on a round face because it lengthens the face.

Long hair is gorgeous on a round face because it lengthens the face. If you have a round face, your best cut will fall a few inches below the chin or longer. You can also add long, side-swept bangs—they create angles on a round face. Gentle waves deflect the roundness, so if you have a natural wave in your hair, allow your hair to do its natural thing.

Long, straight hair is also flattering for someone who has a round face. Long hair creates the illusion of length in the face and the straight hair doesn’t add body to the side of the face.

The last thing you want to do if you have a round face is add fullness to the sides of your face. If you have natural, wavy or curly hair, cut in layers to weigh it down. Make sure it is a couple of inches or more below your lips or chin.

Short cuts can be tricky on a person with a round face because many short cuts add width to the sides of the face. Remember to AVOID jaw length bobs and if you do opt for a short cut, make sure you add layers.

A round face ALWAYS looks good with an uneven cut.

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