Victoria Beckham recently showcased her newest fashion accessory line in Singapore. While we love her sense of style, we couldn’t help but find more relevance in her latest hashtag creation, #FightTheFrizz.

As we in the south are getting shoved into summer, the Salon 124 Group graciously shares tips and products to help #FightTheFrizz.


In the midst of major heat and humidity, most have two options: fight with everything you have to keep those strands sleek and straight, OR learn to embrace your natural texture and leave all of us straight-haired women green with envy.

If straight and shiny is your only desire, our Keratin Smoothing Treatment or Keratin Express Blowout could save you endless amounts of energy and frustrations with your daily beauty regimen. These treatments vary in application time and results, but the bottom line is, they #FightTheFrizz and block the effects of humidity.

If you were blessed with natural texture and curl, this time of the year may drive you absolutely insane, but with the right products and tactics, you and your curls can survive the humidity…and look rather amazing.

  • Beautiful curls start with hydration, so be sure you’re using the right shampoo and conditioner to keep your curls from looking thirsty. Use a weekly hair mask or daily treatment, like MoroccanOil Treatment to ensure your hair is properly prepped for amazing curls.
  • When preparing to style your freshly washed hair, BLOT hair rather than rubbing with your towel. The friction created when rubbing your hair dry creates frizz.
  • It’s always helpful to prep hair with a heat protectant.  Aveda’s Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother is infused with organic aloe and tapioca to create a smooth surface while defending against frizz for 12 hours while hydrolyzed wheat protein protects against surface heat damage.
  • Antihumectant products are great for fighting frizz because they repel outside moisture. Aveda’s Brilliant Antihumectant Pomade helps tame frizz and fly-aways while leaving hair with a soft, satin finish.
  • There is an art to drying hair! If curls are your forte, then you already know the effects of a great diffuser. Always remember this basic blow-dry knowledge: start with heat, finish with cool. Cool air will seal the cuticle on straight or curly hair defending against the outside moisture and help to increase the memory of your hair. Yes, hair memory. Ever feel like your hair “forgot” what you told it to do that morning?
  • Finishing products are just that, the last step to the process we endure most every day. So make it count and be sure to use products that help #FightTheFrizz. Dry aerosol hairsprays work great in defending against humidity. If shine is what you crave, silicone products like Bumble and bumble’s shine on (and on) controls fly-aways and repels moisture causing frizz while leaving hair gleaming not greasy. Bottom line with silicones goes back to basic chemistry. Oil and water do not mix. Humidity (water in the air) causes frizz. Oil-based hair products reject that water, thus being a great line of defense to #FightTheFrizz.

All of the above mentioned products can be found at any of our Genesis or Salon 124 locations.

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