The Top 6 Fad Celebrity Hair Styles

textured-permMany celebrities end up going through fad hairstyles that were popular at one point but may not be so popular in today’s world. Fads come and go when it comes to all aspect of fashion, from clothing to hairstyle. Some fads come back periodically, though, or are reinvented in a new manner. The top six most popular celebrity hairstyle fads are discussed below.


Perms and big hair was extremely popular in the 80s. Almost every woman and even some men had perms in their hair at one point or another throughout the 80s. Perms are done using rods and chemicals, and they are still popular today. However, although kinky, poodle-like perms were often sported during the 80s perm fad, today spiral perms and other more toned-down curls are popular. Nowadays perms are given using various sizes of rods to achieve the size of curls that people want. Celebrities like Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba and Kelly Ripa engaged in the 80s perm fad.


Afros, sometimes just referred to as ‘fros, were a popular fad throughout the 60s for natural hair. People who had lengthy, kinky hair commonly wore these, and this fad is still worn today. Nowadays, however, when people wear ‘fros, they tend to dress them up a bit from the way they were worn back in the 60s. Celebrities that sported ‘fros’ were the Jackson 5 and Will Smith, and some that wear them occasionally today include Lauren Hill and Beyonce.

The “Rachel”

The “Rachel” haircut was popular in the 90s. It was termed such because it was the hairstyle that Jennifer Aniston wore on the popular TV series, “Friends,” when she played the character of Rachel. The cut featured layers that framed the face as well as bangs. Many women were crazy about this fad, and some even still wear it today.

The Mullet

The mullet is a fad that also became popular in the 80s. It is usually worn by men and is a hairstyle that is short on the sides and front but long in the back. Many men had this haircut at one point, and this was typically a fad that people either loved or hated. Some celebrities that sported mullets at one time or another include George Clooney, John Stamos, Brad Pitt and Mel Gibson.

Pixie Cuts

Pixie cuts are those super short boy cuts that many women started getting in the 2000s. They are similar to classic bobs, but they are shorted. Basically, pixie cuts take the Audrey Hepburn look and modernize it. Women who like low maintenance hairstyles enjoy the pixie cut. Celebrities who are known for their pixie cuts include Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham.

Side Bangs

Perhaps one of the most popular celebrity fads nowadays are side bangs. Side bangs can be worn with long hair, medium-length hair or even short hair. They are also worn with straight hair, wavy hair or even curlier hair. Usually, the sides of the hair are layered as well to accommodate side bangs. Celebrities who are known for their side bangs include Lauren Conrad and Reese Witherspoon.

Celebrities make use of fads, and then they might discard them and revisit them again. The key to bringing back a popular fad is to give it a modern twist that makes it wearable in today’s world.

Dianna Holt is a hair stylist in New York City, who has worked with several A-List clients. She recommends finding an experienced hair stylist at a salon such as Hairzoo who can help you achieve the look you desire.

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