Top Hair Salon Tips To Help You Embrace Your Natural Curls

curly-hairNo matter what kind of hair a woman has, she is likely to find fault with it. No woman, seemingly, is ever happy with what she’s got and no more is this the case than with curly-haired women.

The thing most curly-haired women don’t seem to realise is that most curl-less women are incredibly jealous of those with curly tresses. After all, a woman with curly hair can easily make her hair straight but it is a lot harder for a straight-haired woman to give herself natural looking curls.

There are tons of ways to style curly hair successfully and without stress, however, first of all you have to be prepared to…

Embrace your natural hairstyle

There will be many times when your curls get on your nerves and you feel like nothing you do is good enough or looks stylish. However, the first step in making the most of your curls is to just accept that sometimes, you will have a bad hair day. Every woman occasionally has a bad hair day but it seems curly-haired women are harder on themselves (and their hair) than anyone else.

Give your hair a break. Let the curls form and shape themselves naturally every once in a while and you’ll soon learn how to cope and style them. Embrace them and you’ll get used to them. Having said that, you don’t always have to have curls…

You can always go straight

Curly-haired women are often envied since they can have the best of both worlds. Curls when they want but straight hair when they choose too as well. Women with straight hair tend to find it hard to keep their false curls without adding tons of gel or hair spray, which isn’t ideal.

Curls can be tamed relatively easily if you do choose to go straight for a day and there are tons of products out there on the market to help you do so quickly. When going straight, however, you must make sure you…

Invest in a high-quality pair of straighteners

Curly hair can sometimes be really hard to tame and you may find this is down to the quality of your hair straighteners. If you do like to straighten your curls quite often it is therefore essential you invest in some high-quality ceramic straightening irons.

Not only will these do the job quickly but they also won’t cause as much damage to your hair, which is something to keep in mind when you have natural curls, as you are no doubt prone to frizz, which will only get worse with hair damage.

Helping you get rid of the frizz

One of the biggest annoyances to curly-haired women is frizz. Frizz can, seemingly, occur at all times, whether you’ve just straightened your hair, blow dried it, been caught in the rain or humidity or even just let it dry naturally in temperate weather.

Frizz is very frustrating and is something all curly-haired women must learn to deal with because it is not going anywhere. Curly hair is naturally a lot drier than straighter hair, which means it soaks up moisture a lot easier, causing hair to expand and ‘frizz’.

Therefore, to keep frizz under control, you need to keep your hair moisturised. You can do this easily and without having to load on various anti-frizz products, by using intense moisture shampoos and conditioners. Leave-in conditioners can also help a lot, as can any styling products (gels, sprays) that contain silicone.

You should aim to deep condition your hair at least once every two weeks, although once a week would be better.


Make sure your haircut is suitable for curls

This is perhaps one of the hardest things to get right when you have curly hair, since you are often in the hands of a hairdresser who doesn’t really know what your hair is naturally like. You should, therefore, do a lot of research before you go to get your hair cut, otherwise you may end up with something that doesn’t do your hair, or your confidence, any good and will make it very hard to embrace your natural curls and style.

Laura writes for Ellison’s beauty supplies. When not writing, she can often be found trying to tame her own curly hair.

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