Tutorial: Choosing The Right Hairstyle For Your Face Shape

Every women with a square face knows the struggle. It can be painfully difficult to find the right hairstyle that will allow you to shine and look your best. Finding hairstyles for square faces can be really hard because typically square faces are a bit broader, more angular and need a cut that will downplay the stronger features that are found in those with a square face. The best thing for most girls with square faces to look for are hairstyles that add texture and layers to help soften the features of the square face as well as help it to look more slender.

The good thing about those with square faces is that they do have a strong face and typically this look gives them a great symmetrical look that is strong. It is always important to have a strong face and those with square faces have a strong face. This will allow those girls out there with square faces to create daring looks with their hair and makeup that can be extremely striking and make them stand out from the crowd. The only downside of working with a square face is being able to do so and for those who really struggle trying to figure out the right hairstyles, it can be really hard.

The Good

Short Cuts:

There are tons of great hairstyle for square faces that will really allow a girl to shine and show off some of her best features. If a girl is really into shorter cuts they could check out some layered bobs that are just below the jawline. Typically bobs will stop right above the jawline or at the jawline. Those are two of the worst areas for a cut to fall on a girl with a square face. If the hair stops at the jawline or right above it, it will bring way too much attention to the jawline as well as make the jawline look wider then it really is. The last thing that any girl wants is to make her face look wider then it is. Therefore when looking into short haircuts a really great length would be just below the jawline.

When looking into shorter cuts Katie Homes is a good example. She looks absolutely stunning with this short layered bob and her square jawline that is generally very dominant suddenly seems much softer. This is the perfect short hairstyle for girls with square faces. This style really seems to help to soften a girls features and really compliment the square face shape.

Long Cuts:

The longer hairstyles will help girls with square faces to look softer.

There are lots of great cuts for girls out there who like long cuts as well. These longer hairstyles for square faces are best when the hairstyle is sleeker and comes with lots of layers. The sleeker the hairstyle the better it is and the layers are a great way to add texture and softness to women with square faces. Longer hair will help cut the squareness of the face with the length and the the different textures such as layers, curls and symmetrical bangs will also help to soften facial features and add more dimension. These tips and tricks will really help a girl with a square face to look much softer.

cameron-diaz-hairWhen looking for a great longer hairstyle for a square face use this amazing example of Cameron Diaz. This long and layered hairstyle looks absolutely stunning and it really helps to soften the angular features that come along with having a square face. The layers really help to soften the features and the symmetrical bangs are a great way to slice through the squareness and give her face other shapes and features. This is the perfect hairstyle for girls with square faces and is sure to be a crowd pleaser with your friends and family.

The Bad

There are some things that a girl must make sure to stay away from when looking for hairstyles for square faces. There are definitely some things to avoid when looking for the perfect hairstyle. One of the first things that women should avoid is one length hairstyles. Hairstyles that are one length really accentuate the angles and squareness of the face. These hairstyle swill do nothing but make a girls face look much broader and unattractive. The worst thing that a girl could do would be to give herself a blunt haircut. Blunt haircuts look much better on girls with oval faces but when a girl has a square face the bluntness will bring out her angles and not be good.

Christina Ricci has broken several cardinal rules for hairstyles for square faces. One the hairstyle stop right above the jawline, which simply makes her jawline look that much bigger and therefore makes her face look much broader.

Another mistake that Christina Ricci made when she approved this hairstyle was the blunt bangs. These blunt bags add another blunt angle, to her already angular face. Blunt bangs cut the face off and make it look shorter and squarer therefore giving her face a wider appearance.

Christina Ricci also decided to go for the one length look. The worst thing for a girl with a square face to do is get a one length hairstyle. The one length hairstyles will simply hang limply, as this one does and be extremely unflattering. Girls with square faces need more texture from things such as curls, layers and waves. This will allow her features to look much softer and more feminine.

Finally, the last thing a girl with a square face wants to do is part her hair down the middle. There is enough symmetry in a square face the middle part will simply enhance that symmetry even more and therefore make the face look much wider. Parting your hair a little bit more to the left or the right is much better. It will help to make the face look much more rounded and the much more ideal look for a girl with a square face.

Olivia Winters is has an incredible love for writing and a passion for womens hairstyles. Her favorite happens to be teeny weeny afro styles, but occasionally she like to switch things up. You can read more about her on her blog.

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