What is 124 FAM?

A brief-ish history lesson on where 124 has been and where we’re going.

You know the itch you get (often seasonally) to change out the art in your home, or paint an accent wall, or maybe just buy a new coat in a bold color? WE DO. Over the last 28 years, 124 has seen a few minimal changes to its logo and branding. The mission has always been clear, to elevate the beauty industry and the communities we serve; however, we’re a bunch of creative individuals and in 2016 we thought it was time for a change. So what did we do? We started pulling together every graphic, font and image we ever loved and began the mission to upgrade our branding and tell the story of 124 — it was quite a story.

Few longtime clients and team members knew, but many did not.

The story started in 1991 when our founders, Brian and Karen Perdue, first sought out to build a salon where stylists could grow and develop their technical and business skillsets and where guests could enjoy elevated customer service and quality hair. After the launch of the flagship Salon 124, the Perdue’s quickly realized guests seeking professional salon services weren’t the only people flocking to their business. Future hairstylists promptly realized the business Salon 124 created was one they wanted to join. An apprenticeship program rapidly became the path taken to start a career as a highly-trained hairdresser in Gwinnett County. But where would all of the newly-licensed stylists start their journeys? Well, like every good story, it started in the beginning, thus came Genesis.

Genesis Salon by 124 first emerged in 1996 as a fresh, energetic concept where the newest trained artists of Salon 124’s apprenticeship program hit the floor providing guests quality hair (under the mentorship of seasoned Salon 124 hairdressers) at modest price points. Genesis by 124 rapidly grew to four salon locations throughout Gwinnett, serving thousands of clients and being recognized both locally and nationally as a Salon of Distinction. Once it was clear Salon 124 and Genesis Salons had a knack for salon education, the next logical step in the business was to create a more formal certification system able to withstand the demand for cosmetology curriculum. 

The Process Institute of Cosmetology, 2006 – Lawrenceville, GA

In 2006, The Process Institute of Cosmetology, now known as Keune Academy by 124, opened its doors as the first accredited hair design school in the state of Georgia. Since then, more than 1,000 students have come through the doors and left as ambitious hair stylists ready to take on the world of beauty.



It was important to keep a clear vision of our core values and mission in mind.

We searched high and low to find exactly what branding elements had helped defined the household name 124 had become. Spending dozens of hours with leaders, stylists and even customer support members, we finally defined the essence of 124. It came down to six key terms:

purposefulness, innovation, integrity, fulfillment, teamwork and perhaps most importantly, family.
After much research both with our internal and external guests, we realized many of both key groups were unaware of the history that was 124 or even the connection of Salon 124 and Genesis Salons. We immediately knew we needed an all-encompassing piece to bring it all together and help clarify exactly who we were and what we stood for…hence #124FAM and this new website you’re exploring 😉

What briefly began as a simple hashtag on social media, soon became exactly what we were missing. A comprehensive, all-inclusive visual to bring it all together. So what is 124 Fam? Exactly what it sounds like and a bit more. The 124 Family is more than just the four Genesis by 124 salons, two Salon 124s and our premier cosmetology school, Keune Academy by 124. It is the 250 employees and dozens of mentors and educators that show up everyday. It is all of you reading this now. And it’s the more than 15,000 clients all over the Greater Atlanta Area that we serve every day. That servant leadership is what makes #124FAM. The idea that any of this would be possible without our communities is preposterous. Without you, there is no us. There is no 124.

With a clear understanding of exactly who we were and why we have become what we are, we reached out to our good friends at Imaginal Marketing Group to help us develop a fresh aesthetic that reflected both our history and our future. For years the deep, rustic tone that represented Salon 124 was an identifiable visual that reflected a warm, family environment, much like a Christmas Eve fire. We felt like the orange that for so long represented the bright energy of Genesis Salons somewhat clashed with that tone and rather focused on the secondary teal tone that coupled Genesis branding for years. The 124 text was always a pinnacle of the brand. Not many know where the name 124 even comes from. Drumrollllllll…

The original salon location was right off Scenic Highway aka Highway 124. Riveting, right? LOL. The name came simply back in ’91. The focus was on the magic happening inside the building. We kept the robust feel to the 124 typography and wanted to match that strength in the Genesis logo. Simply reducing the visual to a G made for the perfect counterpart to our 124

The text overlays for all three emblems are simple, modern and crisp, sure to take us on for the next 28 years of business and more. Over the last six months you’ve probably seen some of these updates. Another key piece you will notice is our imagery. No longer are reliant on major haircare manufacturers to provide us with perfectly photoshopped model imagery and product shots. We do that in-house now. And why would we? We believe we have over 130 of the most talented hair stylists in the state, country, dare we even say world, and we love to showcase their work and elevate their individual brands. Each one is special in their own way. If you’re lucky you know a few yourself and follow their successes online. You’ve watched them grow from students at the academy, and many of you have followed them for years as they develop their personal and professional skills. You may have seen them achieve new certifications, marry and even start families, and that is why they are, you are and WE are 124FAM. 

Thank you for your continued support and trust in our business, and thank you for being a part of the 124 Family.

We love seeing you all each and every day in the salons and on social #124FAM


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Since its humble beginnings in 1991, the mission at 124 has been simple- to elevate the Beauty industry and the communities it serves.

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