Kylie & Unrealistic Expectations About Blonde Hair

Kylie Jenner's New Haircut 2016

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So Kylie Jenner dyed her hair over Labor Day weekend & we all watched it unfold on her Snapchat. And let’s face it, whether you want to or not, you’re probably familiar with the Kardashians… and their hair. Gorgeous, long, flowing, and DARK. While Kylie is known for changing her hair color (practically every other week with different colored wigs) her new look is a little more, uh— permanent.

Anyone remember her blue hair that sent a color craze across the nation? Her massively successful wig company has been her color-changing secret— until now. Following in her older sister Kim’s footsteps, the makeup maven debuted platinum blonde locks earlier this week. 
Now why is this a big deal again? Kylie’s platinum new ‘do is giving us unrealistic expectations about blonde hair. Sure, you can go from dark brown or black hair to platinum blonde eventually, but in real life, this doesn’t happen overnight. We even watched her sister Khloe transform from a chocolate brown babe to a blonde bombshell earlier this year. But again, this process took several months. So let’s break it down.
Bleaching your hair basically works the same way as bleaching anything: by removing deposited color. With hydrogen peroxide as the main active ingredient, it works as an oxidizing agent capable of removing electrons from other molecules. Sounds dangerous right? Well, for your hair, it totally can be! Of course, your regular highlight appointment isn’t hurting you, but as your stylist has repeatedly said, using a heat protectant & conditioning products to repair damaged or over-processed hair, is essential in maintaining its integrity.
Kylie’s magical overnight blonde locks actually weren’t magic at all. She has a team of hairstylists on staff, ready to facilitate bold hairstyles like this one. She practically has a glam squad following her around 24/7! Not to mention, Jenner has been committed to keeping her strands healthy for months. Her colorist, Pricilla Valles tells People Magazine, “We’d been talking about doing a color change for awhile,” giving the reality star plenty of time to prepare her hair.
“We knew she was going to go blonde,” Valles says, but how blonde was the question. They were originally going for a soft, honey blonde look (a process that took over 12 hours to complete) but with the help of Olaplex, made the decision to go all the way the next day.
So, what’s the moral of this story? We are NOT Kylie Jenner. And honestly, at this point her hair probably feels like a soggy, wet cotton ball anyway. So do yourself AND YOUR HAIR a favor, & have some patience! With the right stylist, a little bit of time, and a whole lot of Olaplex, you can have the perfect platinum ‘do too…in a couple of months.

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